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New Stream Of Income and Tons of Automated Traffic

New Stream Of Income and Tons of Automated Traffic

This is SOOO exciting! We all know that in order to makes sales, get more sign ups and win in this industry, we need lots traffic and alternate streams of income.   That is why I am thrilled to announce that we are partnering with The Unified Tribe to bring both to your business.

If you know anything about MLMMVP and the systems we build for our members you know that we base everything on blogs or what we call Nerve Centers.  Now, Katie Freiling has come up with a brilliant system that will explode the traffic you can get to your Nerve Center in minutes!

Katie talks about how her blog is the hub of her entire business and those of us that have been part of MLMMVP for awhile understand that concept completely.

Her system is founded on the principles of reciprocation.  The old “I’ll wash your back if you wash mine” idea.

It’s very simple.  As a team or tribe everyone can get what they want.  Working together, sharing ideas and each others information and content generates tons of leads, more backlinks (great for SEO) and a social media buzz.

For a nominal monthly fee you join The Unified Tribe, have a look at what others in the tribe are talking about, share some content that you like from other members on your social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, Digg, or StumbleUpon) and you earn credits.

These credits allow you to submit your newest (or best) blog post, article, video, etc to The Unified Feed and other members will share that for you on their social networking sites.

There are a ton of other features, benefits and perks as well, but you can check them out when you go over to the site…

The Unified Tribe

Now, you can use both systems to generate leads, traffic, a social buzz and make extra money through the affiliate program.

It really is a perfect partnership.

We have the low cost Nerve Centers/ automated sales funnels, training and support.  They have the means for you to show off that amazing content you’re creating to other like minded people and have them share it with the world for you- all on autopilot!

It is really simple to set up and within hours you could be seeing a lot more traffic, sign ups and sales.

Stop Doing Social Media Alone & Get Discovered!

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4 Responses to “New Stream Of Income and Tons of Automated Traffic”

  1. I really believe in the tribe concept, and I think there is so much power in joining forces with like minded Entrepreneurs! Thanks, Joseph McDevitt

  2. That is why we love having you as a member… Great minds and all of that! Cheers!

  3. infact mlmmvp is among the first 2 coolest things i have stumbled upon this year. networking with like minds is strength.

  4. I was just reading a book called “Webify your business” The author had dedicated a few chapter on this subject. He was talking about reciprocal syndication.
    It’s not natural for us to do this because we have been taught over the years, “Every person for themselves”. When you understand the principle of “Giving” the getting will eventually follow. Thanks for this insightful article!
    Rodney Jansen recently posted..What if