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Calling Leads

For many calling leads is a scary and even painful process.  They find any excuse possible to not pick up the phone, afraid of what will happen when they do.  Rejection, negativity, rudeness.

We are here to tell you, that is all over today!  You now have the exact blueprint on how to eliminate those issues forever!

Knowing what to say, how to say it and saying it to the right people will more than double your conversions.

After you have been through our training and have your own Nerve Center, calling your MLMMVP leads will be fun.  These people will be eager to talk to you and will listen to everything you have to say.

In fact, you might not have to call them at all!
They will be calling YOU!

Our marketing training has been focused around positioning you as a leader.  These calls are no different.  Most of the people you will call already have a business but are looking for information on how to make that business work.

These calls are about you making an effort to build a relationship with them, for them to see you as a real person.  It is about you showing you are a leader in the industry and having the knowledge to help them get what they want.

97% of network marketers are out there hammering away, pitching their businesses and spending more money than they’re making because of it.

And that is why we created the MLMMVP Nerve Center System.

Your wise choice to join us and continue your education makes you a valuable person.  You know more than 97% of the marketers out there and that puts you in a position of power!  You are now the leader who has access to all the information you need to create an online empire and are ready to guide your prospects to their dream lifestyle.

The one thing to remember when calling your leads…


This is about providing value and starting the foundation for a relationship.  Building trust by providing your leads with incredible value is the only way to win in this industry.

When prospects pick up the phone they are usually on guard, waiting for the sales pitch.  But when you call and they realize you’re not there to sell them anything and are there to offer your help, it is amazing how open they become.  They are tired of struggling and need the help remember…

They asked for your help, not the other way around.

When you become an expert at this process and your leads learn to know, like and trust you, you’ll get people asking, “How can I get started in your business today?”  Or “Will you sponsor me?”

It’s really is that simple!

The 2 Rules to Remember: