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Marketing Training Camp

DO NOT SKIP AHEAD to the marketing strategies until you have COMPLETED this MLMMVP Training Camp tutorial.

This is critical.

In order to succeed you need to understand these basic online marketing principles.  Without them, you risk spending time and money on marketing with no results.

Become an MLMMVP!


Becoming an MVP in the MLM industry really relies on marketing…

Knowing what to market, how to market, and who to market to.

In the past, people in the industry have tried to find ways around real marketing strategies and have taught methods that they felt anyone could do.  The problem was even though anyone could do them, not everyone could do them effectively.  These methods were also very intrusive on a persons private circle of family and friends.  It put people in uncomfortable situations and strained even the strongest of relationships.

In the era of the home computer and the internet, things in the network marketing industry have really changed.  With the technology we have available to us today, creating a global online empire can be done from a laptop on the beach.

This training is an introduction to  how you can easily create the wealth you want from home online..

Attraction Marketing

The first thing you need to understand about creating wealth in the network marketing industry today is Attraction Marketing.

People don’t join businesses or opportunities…
They join people.

To be specific, people they know, like and trust.

So how do you become someone that people know and trust when the people you meet online are complete strangers?

You have to stop pitching and selling your business! This is the first rule.

The second rule is be a leader and someone people want to follow.

The third rule is learn.  Everything you can about online marketing.  And never stop learning.  Increasing your knowledge is the foundation of being a leader and having something of value to offer others.

In order to jump the line so to speak in the leadership department and become a leader right away in your company you need the right tools, posture and online presence.  These can position you as a leader and attract the people you are looking for to you.

The definitive guide to attraction marketing is called Magnetic Sponsoring.  This guide is the ultimate resource for anyone looking to build a successful network marketing business.

For everyone of my team members this is required reading.  I will not work with them on building their business until they have read it cover to cover and have a full understanding of the principles outlined in the book.  It is that important.

The rest of the marketing principles we teach in this guide are all based on this one book… again, can’t stress how important this is to your business.

So if you stop pitching and selling your products, how do you make money?

You provide education, leadership, help and then when you have proven your worth to a prospect and they now know and trust you, they will buy anything you say.  They will join any company you tell them to.  They will use any product or service you recommend.  It is as simple as that.

That is why the MLM business is big in the first place.

Word of mouth advertising is the best way to market a product or service.

Think about the last restaurant you ate at.  Most likely you ate there because you heard from someone else that it was good.  If someone recommends something you might be interested in you will be more apt to check it out.  If you saw a commercial for it on tv…  you might go but most likely you would ask one of your friends about it first.  “Hey have you heard anything about that new sushi place?”

The same goes for anything you might want to sell online (or off for that matter).

If you give an honest review to someone interested in what you’re offering and let people know the pros and cons without selling or pitching it, they will be more apt to take a look.

People do not like to be sold to. They like to make decisions on their own with friendly advice or guidance of someone they know and trust.

In every marketing technique on this site, we will teach you how to become that trusted source.

But first you need to know who your target audience is.

When the executive producers at Disney sit down with a script for a movie they look at a couple key things.

  • Who will this movie appeal to?
  • Is it profitable for us to make it?

Then they set up their entire marketing plan as well as the characters based on those answers.

Without knowing who the movie appeals to, they will never know if they will ever sell any tickets.

And if they never sell tickets, they will never be profitable.

Finding the right group to market to is the main focus and it should be as well for your business.

Take a few minutes to jot down the kind of people…

  • you like to be around
  • you enjoy working with
  • you learn from
  • you admire
  • who are ready to learn from you

As a rule in my business, when I am prospecting, I ask myself is this someone I could sit down and have dinner with?  Is it someone I have common interests with?  Is it someone who I can work closely with?

If they don’t meet those criteria, I don’t enroll them.  This is my new business partner and I need to be able to work along side with them.  I don’t need to like everything about them or be their best pal, I just need to know that as a partner in business we have a easy connection and are comfortable working together.

If you enroll people that you have no connection with, you will hate what you do and your business.

It is important to make a list of the kind of people who could benefit from your business and from the products.  Knowing your target market will make prospecting so much easier.

There are millions and millions of people out there that might fit what you have to offer but you cannot market to all of them.  Each group has different wants, needs, fears, dreams, desires and hopes.  No 2 people react the same way to the same thing so you need to target your marketing efforts to people who are eager to get their hands on what  you have to offer and that you want to work with.

Now that you know who you want to work with, it’s time to learn how to get in front of them and EXACTLY what to say when you do.