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List Builders

Time Involved: 30 mins per day
(after your ads have been written – if you take the upgraded package)
2-3 hours per day (if you stay with free accounts)
Cost: FREE – but we suggest the one time offer upgrade of $197

For most marketers having a list of 1000′s of subscribers takes years to build.  But we all know “the money is in the list”.  So how do we take advantage of a list, when we don’t have one of our own?

Simple, use someone else’s.

List building sites have 1000′s of members on them and they want what anyone else online wants… more traffic to their websites.  The people on these sites are active members in the “make money online arena”.

These are opportunity BUYERS – not opportunity SEEKERS.
Opportunity buyers are people that have already spent money in the industry and understand the power of earning money online.  They aren’t afraid to shell out some cash if they are getting something they need in return.

Opportunity seekers can often be tire kickers.  People looking at information but haven’t taken any action to get started yet.

What’s the difference between the two?

Opportunity seekers are people that still need convincing, opportunity buyers know there is money to be made, they just need to know how.

Sending messages to members on these lists offers solutions to problems.  Aim your email messages directly to your target audience.  Give them the help and assistance they need.

This is how List Builders work…

Step 1