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Keyword Research

Keywords are the most important part of online marketing.

If you don’t know what a keyword is, that’s OK.  When we started, we had no idea either!  But by the end of this tutorial you will be a keyword research master!

You will know what tools you can use (both free and paid) to find the best keywords for your target audience, what a Longtail Keyword is and how it will make you a lot more money than a Shorttail one, where and how many times you need to add them in your content plus you can download our Keyword Research Guide to help you organize all of this info.

First- what is a Keyword?

Basically, keywords are what you type into the search engines (ie. Google and Yahoo, etc.) when you look for information online.  Simple as that!

But what are people going to type in to find your video, post or article?  That is where research comes in.

You have to think like your target audience.  Who are you marketing to and what do they want to know?  Sit down with pen (or pencil) and jot down the keywords you would use to find your online information.  Whatever you think the main topic is for your post and what people would type in to find it online is where you should start.

Download the Keyword Research Guide at the end of this tutorial to help you.

A tool that is very helpful with keyword research is