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Ezine Advertising

Time Involved: 2 hours per week
Cost: $50- $1000′s  (depends on the cost of the solo ad)

Ezine Marketing is favorite method for many marketers.

Like Listbuilders, this is a way for you to profit and build your list by using someone else’s.  The big difference is the people on these lists have a relationship with the owner.  They have subscribed to get information from them on a regular basis and are more apt to read the messages that come through.  This gives you the opportunity to profit from the credibility of the list owner.  It is essentially renting the list for a set number of email messages or ads.

When you are ready to place ads you will be given different options.  Top sponsor ads, sponsor ads, banner ads, solo ads.

Solo Ads Are The Way To Go!

They give you the best results.  They may cost more but they generate a lot more traffic.

There is no big secret to success here.  You simply need to be consistent.

Create a budget for yourself and stick to it.  Plan to send 1-5 solo ads every week or every other week on a long term basis.

Some of your ads may take a couple weeks to run depending on how full the mailing schedule is.

Here are two very important things to remember when starting a Solo Ad Campaign: