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Creating A Marketing Plan

In order for you to be as productive as you can be, it is critical that you sit down before you begin to market and lay out a game plan or strategy.

Many people sit down at their computers with 2 hours to spend on their business.  And when that two hours is up, the only thing they managed to do was read a few funny emails and comment on a couple of pictures of a friend’s vacation on Facebook.

Why?  Because they had no plan!  They didn’t sit down with clear picture of what they needed to accomplish so, they accomplished nothing!

Failing to plan is planning to fail!

This is a simple outline that will keep your attention focused on what you need to do everyday to grow your business.  This is a plan you lay out for yourself, taking into consideration your budget and available time.  Keep it in front of you at all times.  Review it at least once a day until you get into a regular schedule and take notes as you go.

Remember this is YOUR plan and it needs to fit with your goals, your timetable and your budget.

If you want to retire in 2 months but are only giving yourself 1 hour a week to grow your business, you might want to take a look at either your goal or the commitment it will take to reach that goal.  You may find you need to give up a bit of TV time to run your free classified ads or that morning latte to pay for your solo ad campaign.  You are building your online empire here and you need to treat your business like a business and not a hobby!

The Rules

  • Don’t spread yourself too thin (choose only 1 or 2 strategies then add to it as you master each)
  • Look at both short term and long term strategies.  Have a balance of each in your plan.
  • Don’t underestimate yourself (challenge yourself, make sure you’re always learning)
  • Don’t neglect your WHY!  Take time out to enjoy family and personal time
  • Leave time for personal development
  • Get some exercise in!
  • Leave time to follow up and “close” your leads (telephone time)
  • Use your plan with your DMO (Daily Method Of Operation- see DMO tutorial for more info)
  • Have fun!

Marketing Strategies For You To Consider

Social Marketing








Paid Marketing

Pay Per Click (Google, Yahoo, MSN others)

Ezines / Solo Ads

List Builders

Free/ Paid Classifieds

Long Term

Content Sharing/ Marketing

Video Marketing

Article Marketing

Press Releases

Squidoo / Hubpages etc

Marketing Game Plan Downloads

Use these downloads to create your own personalized marketing game plan.