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Content Sharing

This is your chance to take advantage of the HOTTEST trend on the internet today.  Social Marketing / Web2.0 has made it extremely easy for marketers to brand themselves and get their message out to the masses.

Hundreds of websites, with more popping up everyday, have been created specifically for you to add content to.  Most for free! This gives you the unique opportunity to create a brand for you and your business at a very low cost.   There are some tips and tricks to understand but with a bit of direction this can be an extremely effective strategy.

Understanding the basics of social marketing are essential to your success with this strategy!

As is a firm understanding of keyword research.  All of the tools and training you need to choose the right keywords for this strategy are in the Keyword Research tutorial.

Content and Article Marketing are free long term marketing strategies.  They require you as the publisher to create content that benefits the reader in some way.  Creating content others want to read, watch or share will drive traffic to your sites for years to come.

Your content sharing sites should be partnered up with short term strategies to get you into leads quickly.  For example Free Classifieds.

This incredibly powerful strategy is simply about creating unique, quality content and posting it on as many social web 2.0 websites as possible.

What is Web 2.0?

The web was originally just about someone placing information online so others could see it.  But web 2.0 is about seeing the information and adding your own personal touch to it.  Comments, sharing, adding or editing the original content, etc.  This is what gives the web today a extra dimension.  And that is what we are going to take advantage of with this strategy!

You never want to sell off of the web 2.0 properties. You want to leverage web 2.0 properties by using their reputation, swiping their authority, page rank, their trust in the eyes of the search engines then piggy back off that power to use it for your own gain.

There are 2 kinds of web 2.0 social sites:

Content Sharing Sites like:







Ezine Articles

User generated content submitted to these platforms to share with others.

And Social Networking Sites like:





Adding friends and building a network.

Search Engines LOVE These Sites!

Most of the time when you search google these days the first page is full of Web 2.0 sites.  The reason?  New content.

The search engines love new content and these sites are always being added to.  They are not stale webpages that have been up for years with nothing new added to them.  They are fresh, relevant and up-to-date in the eyes of the search engines and that is why we are going to show you how to leverage these sites into endless free traffic.

One thing you need to understand before we get to the “how to’s” of this tutorial is how pages get ranked according to google and the search engines.

Search Engines Base Their Listings on 2 Factors:

Factor 1:

How well your page fits in terms of relevancy to the search term.


Say one of your keyword terms you wanted to rank highly for in the free search listings (also called organic search) was “generate leads home based business” whenever someone searched for it.

You’ll need to make sure you use the phrase “generate leads for your home based business” on your webpage in the headline and once or twice in each paragraph of content you created.

Factor 2:

How many other sites link to your site for that same search term.


You’d need to find a way to get other websites to link to your site with the blue “hyperlinked” text “generate leads home based business”.

The person with the most relevant use of the main keyword on their site AND, more importantly, the most links pointing to that page with those keywords as hyperlinked text… wins.

So let’s show you how to dominate the search engines and be that winner!  Not many people know about this concept so you can get great results!

This video will give you a overview of this amazing strategy and then we will go into a detailed step by step guide on putting this to work for your business…