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How To Add A Facebook Share Button To Your Blog

How To Add A Facebook Share Button To Your Blog

The best way to get traffic is for someone else to get it for you!  Social bookmarking and sharing on social networking sites is an incredible way to get new visitors to your blog or nerve center.

That is why you need to make it as easy as possible for your site visitors to share the content they like with all their friends and contacts.

There are 2 fantastic WordPress plugins that make getting your content spread worldwide, all on autopilot so simple a 4 year old could do it!

If you have a MLMMVP Nerve Center you already have the Twitter one built into your site.

Here is how you add the Facebook one as well…

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3 Responses to “How To Add A Facebook Share Button To Your Blog”

  1. Thanks for sharing this Erica – this is the kind of content (the MLMMVP secrets) that we as members value so much!

    It’s this kind of thing you put here for us that lets us know we did the right thing by becoming a member.

    Have an inspired day!

  2. Michael- you couldn’t be more welcome! That is one of the reasons this new site will be so great. I (and soon other members) can add to it easily. There will be new updates, new training and new tips all the time going on here.

    Thanks for being an amazing member of our team. Cheers! Erica

  3. Thank you Erica for this Tip. This plug in is going to be a valuable tool to help drive more traffic to my blog. I’m really enjoying all the cool tips I’m learning because of this great membership site.

    What’s the saying?…. membership has it’s rewards.