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MLMMVP was created to give today’s Network Marketers
the Tools, Training and Support they need to Reach their Goals.

Our names are Kenny and Erica Jones and we are the creators of this site.

As Network Marketers ourselves, we knew that in order to have what we wanted from this industry we needed to learn online marketing techniques that would produce real results.

So after years of research, 1000′s of dollars spent and a ton of hard work, we found the answers.

It’s those answers we are happy to share with our members.

Why?  Because we understand how challenging, frustrating and costly a home business can be.  There is a real lack of training for network marketers who want to build a business online and it is not fair that only 3% of the people in the industry have real success.

We built this site to level the playing field.

It’s about learning strategies and techniques that have been proven to work.

It’s about learning from leaders without the big ticket price tag.

It’s about being part of a community dedicated to achieving their dream lifestyle from home.

We welcome any and all feedback.  Let us know what you think and if there is any way we can help.

We hope you enjoy being a member of MLMMVP.com and we look forward to your success.

See you at the top!
Kenny & Erica